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I am an entrepreneur and mamma to my sweet baby girl Penelope. I gave up everything I once knew to travel the world with my sweet baby and live a life of no obligation and freedom. 

After building many businesses around what I thought was my love for sex, I realized that everything I was doing was only filling a void. None of it truly spoke to my soul and who I truly am. 

Having the courage to ditch the parts of you that don't align puts you in a position to be showered with abundance by the Universe. 

I have received high honor certifications from the school of life where the lesson has always been love. I am now well equipped with a straight talk, no chaser approach that will assist my students from being stuck to living a purposeful life of joy and happiness.

Sexual Alchemy Course 

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Now Accepting Divine Feminine Clients.  

Sexual Energy Abundance Coaching

I help others harness their sexual energy to live a life of vitality, and transformation.

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