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Welcome to my world! If you have stumbled across my website, you are searching for LOVE. Welcome, I am honored that you are here. 

All About Me

Nicole Powell is a self-publishing best-selling author renowned for her transformative book, "Inner Intimacy." Having personally experienced a challenging journey as a sex addict for over five years, Nicole discovered the power of sexual alchemy to overcome her addictions. With unwavering determination, she summoned the strength to file for divorce and shed the aspects of her life that no longer served her.


Embarking on a transformative "Eat, Pray, Love" journey in Mexico for a year, Nicole underwent a profound personal metamorphosis, emerging as the best and highest version of herself. Today, she dedicates her life to helping women discover the love within themselves, eliminating the need for external validation.


Nicole's coaching style is characterized by a straight talk, no-nonsense approach. She firmly believes in holding women accountable, empowering them to undertake the necessary work to transcend their misery and reach the other side of their struggles. With her guidance, countless women have found the courage to embrace their inner strength and create lives filled with self-love and fulfillment.





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