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Hey There

Welcome to my world! If you have stumbled across my website, you are searching for FREEDOM. Freedom from obligation, deadlines and the monotonous lifestyle that we have been conditioned to believe will somehow bring us joy. Congratulations on taking the first step toward a new life.


 Welcome, I am honored that you are here. 

All About Me

I'm a free-spirited, holistic mama that encourages autonomy and untapped self-discovery in my little. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and feeling the pleasure of my great adventures. I teach that joy should be present always, in all ways. We can find it in food, sunlight, skylines, and beautiful sandy beaches, which are some of my favorite things.  A FULL BODY YES is what we want. If not, we release it into the Universe so something more luminous and magnetic can find us. 

I let my world crumble, leaving behind the life I once knew.  Now, I coach individuals on how to leave their monotonous routines, obligations, and dead-end structures to live a life of freedom. I choose to live in the presence of truth or nothing at all. We live in a society where our truths are buried and suppressed, thus we lie and cheat ourselves out of abundance. NO MORE. I'm highly skilled at assisting my clients on finding the alignment within their lives. 

I'm big on discipline, and pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. I use a straight talk, no chaser approach when assisting my clients, it's not something that everyone is built for. If you are ready to stop the excuses, and do the work I am ready to be of service to you. 





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