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Sexual Alchemy Online Course 

Do you feel stuck, drained, and with low confidence?

If so, you've come to the right place!


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What is Sexual Alchemy?

First, it's important to understand what alchemy is, it's the transformation of a substance or matter. In this case, it's a magical transformation and creation of sexual energy. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy that we possess. In order to transform, we must take the proper steps to alchemize it.

Sexual Alchemy will take you through a profound transformational journey that will leave you more confident, self-aware, and deeply connected to your God's Conciousness. 

Letting go of the past 

Transformation is both a choice and a process

Expanding your ideas of what sex

actually is 

Stepping into a powerful new present and future 

Sexual energy is your life force energy 

Respecting thyself 

Learning to give and receive 

Loving yourself completely 

Live the life that you were designed to live.
It's time to start working strategically toward your freedom.
The Sexual Alchemy Course 

The one-hour online course is designed to take you from confusion to clarity, from a dull, dissatisfied life, to freedom, and from deadlines and obligations to harmony and bliss. 

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The Mindset 

Before you can gain clarity, you’ll need to free yourself of limiting beliefs and misconceptions about freedom. This module will help you free your mind and open it to new possibilities.


The Vision

Who can you see your future self being? What does that person look like? What does she do on a daily? What kinds of foods does she eat? Does she excersise? Is she love bombing, and manipulating? Or is she intentional about everything she does.


Social Conditioning

What have I been taught to believe about the world?

How has my conditioning hindered the way I show up for myself and others?


Sexual Alchemy 

What is sexual alchemy? Allowing myself to feel and embody desire. My sense of worthiness. Self-Care. Setting healthy boundaries and owning my power. A path of sexual rediscovery.

Sexual Alchemy Course

Sexual Alchemy Course

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