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Sexual Alchemy 

Say YES to Joy! 

Say YES to Happiness! 

Say YES to Love! 

Say YES to Belonging! 

Say YES to Magic! 


The US is indeed the concrete jungle; if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. They have conditioned us to believe money and material possessions are more important than our mental health and internal happiness. Entrepreneurship has become so idolized, but even entrepreneurs are enslaved people in America. Slaves to their clients'

slaves to the number of hours worked, and the lack of boundaries in business.


Everyone is on the hamster wheel, ultimately chasing the money, and can't get off because they've built this lifestyle and now must keep up to maintain it. You compromise the most prized possession in this lifetime which is time! Time to breathe, time to NOT THINK, time to do the things that bring your heart absolute joy. You abandon your accurate alignment because you keep going even if that job or business no longer serves your spirit. After all, it's safe and brings you security.

It's all a joke!! They put all this designer on your TVs. Constantly making you feel insecure by idolizing body surgeries and enhancements. They keep us stuck in the root chakra with easy access to pornography and other low vibrational entities like strip clubs and prostitution, which drain our sexual energy (life force). 

It all comes down to your inability to control your LUST. Lust for men/women, lust for money, lust for the external world.

The only thing that will get you off this rat race to hell is by taking the time to ditch all the parts of you that don't truly bring you joy. If that means losing money, so be it. It's about time we put integrity over the 0000s in our bank accounts. It's about time we shift our mindset inward and heal our inner world. Because that LOVE you long for has been inside you the entire time.


You can't feel it because you're too busy searching for it outside of yourself.

Sexual Alchemy will assist you in this process.


You will effortlessly stop spending money frivolously

You will effortlessly rid yourself of drugs and alcohol 

You will effortlessly desire to withhold sex 

You will effortlessly remove any person or thing from your life that doesn't give you an absolute HELL YES 

You will effortlessly drop weight (physically and mentally) 

Sexual energy is POWERFUL, it is your life force. Sexual Alchemy will teach you how to harness that energy to be more confident, self-aware, and deeply connected to who you truly are. 

Prepare to: 

  • Let go of the past

  • Heal and transform old wounds

  • Step into a powerful new present and future

  • Experience profound pleasure, connection, and intimacy

  • Expand your ideas on life 

  • Claim your full human and spiritual potential

  • Love yourself completely 


*Accountability Coaching can only be ADDED ON* to an existing Sexual Alchemy Package.

2 Sessions: $200
5 Sessions: $500 
10 Sessions: $800

My one-on-one coaching package has been developed to help you discover your joy, change the quality of your life and allow you to be the joyous spirit & human. 

I use a straight talk no chaser approach that will hold you accountable, motivate, and assist you with feeling loved and seen throughout the process. 

The coaching package consists of two, five or ten 60-minute sessions scheduled once every 10 to 15 days. A 30 minute support call between the sessions is also offered to support you further and help you stay on track.

At the end of each session we agree on a set of action steps, as well as practices that need to be followed through to further integrate what has happened during the sessions. I am there to keep you accountable in the best way that supports you.

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