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I've always loved to travel. I was raised by a Flight Attendant of 36 years, and she took me worldwide. I knew I wanted to do the same with my child. It hasn't been easy, there is a lot of packing, pulling, and carrying but nevertheless we get the job done. It's so refreshing to live a life of freedom while still being the best mother I can be to my baby girl. Here you can follow our travel journey, gain tips and insights, as well as find great inspiration for your future travels and FREEDOM. 


Our Travels 

I take my baby everywhere with me. I really enjoy having her close, with the understanding that life doesn’t have to stop because I’m a mother. She’s been to Miami three times, Chicago two times, Orlando and Jamaica. I have traveled alone with her twice. I’ve used nanny services in every city/island I’ve taken her to. I hear to often women losing themselves in motherhood. In my opinion a huge part of post-partum depression is giving up your entire existence to care for your child. I want this to be a reminder, that you can have it all.


A big part of having it all is releasing the fear that anything negative would/could happen to your child outside of your care. It takes a lot of courage to surrender and have faith in the most high that your babies well-being is protected. The same amount of money that you budget to pay for your nails or hair, can be budgeted for nanny care when you’re in another city. Most of my Nannies average $20 an hour. Our last trip was to Chicago and I hired a nanny for 3 days.

I use the app SitterCity, it’s $70 every 3 months. Totally worth it to me since we are always on the go.


Start putting it in your budget, release the fear of anything negative happening, and live your life!

Penelope and I are going to Myrtle beach next month with my girlfriend and her daughter, then we will be in Austin visiting my childhood friend’s beautiful family we will be starting our Mommy & Me blog with these trips and you can come here to see all the fun! On October 1st, we will be moving out of the country!!!! I'm so excited about this, as it's been a long time coming. Stay tuned to see where we will end up! 

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