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I moved to MEXICO! Mérida, Yucatan

Hola mi Freedom Seekers! It's a pleasure to be back yet again with another blog. I told you all a while back, Penelope, and I was gearing up for something fun! We moved to Mexico on October 1st and are so excited to be here. I have lived in St.Louis, Missouri, for 30+ years, I love my city, but it was time for something new. After diving deep into an intense healing journey, things that once served me no longer appealed to my new and improved self. Many of you probably remember me dreaming of living in Miami, well after doing the math, the numbers didn't add up. I would have been spending a minimum of 5k a month to live comfortably, which isn't feasible for me now. In addition to that, Miami is still very pretentious, fast-paced, and high profile.

I decided on Merida, Mexico, for a couple of reasons:

  1. My mentor lives here, Davonte Sheard and I trust his judgment. Anything he puts his hands on is magical.

  2. I started researching travel blogs, and the first blog to appear was a lady named Amoya Shante, who moved here a couple of years ago with her daughters.

  3. My girlfriend sent me her Facebook friend and said, "you should follow her. I think you would like her content." I did and found that she also lives in Merida.

So, I guess you can call it synchronicities.

I did most of my research by watching videos of local ex-pats. I learned so much in doing that. The main thing that stuck out to me was that it was a slow-paced town that thrived on community. Of course, they have weather consistently 90 degrees and up and beaches nearby, which I love. With having a daughter and deciding to go on this journey alone, the power in community means a lot to me. So I planned it out, visualized it to a T, and executed October 1st. I was never nervous until a few days before, which I now know had more to do with packing than the actual move.

After arriving, I felt so at peace and home. Penelope's dad brought us down to get us settled and everything. He just left today. For the first 30 days, we are staying at a decked-out AIRBNB. It's so super cute and quaint. Penelope has a nanny that comes in Mon-Thur & Saturday from 8-4 pm, which is my time to see clients and run errands around town. The nanny speaks Spanish only, so we mostly communicate through Google Translator, and I know the basics of Spanish, mostly learned in college. She also knows English basics, so we are helping one another understand the opposing language. She is so attentive. So far, so good. Penelope doesn't watch TV with her, she is present and engaged for the entire 8 hours, and I couldn't ask for anything more. It brings me so much joy and satisfaction, paying someone to take care of my baby.

After settling in, I have an appointment tomorrow with Merida Moves. She is taking me on a house hunt. I'm hoping for one bedroom and a certain amount of luxury somewhere close to the city. She plans to show me six properties; out of those 6, I'll get to choose our permanent stay, where we will sign a year lease. Next week I plan to incorporate hot yoga three times a week, find a nail shop, and eyebrow threading. I'm excited to explore the city. This morning I had quite the time paying bills, as most of the numbers I called to pay my bills didn't work without a proper code exiting Mexico. I also had an exciting time navigating Amazon Mexico last night. I have a non-specific way of manifesting, and I love that because I typically tell the Universe how I want to feel, and the Universe fills everything else in. So I don't ever have to worry about the details. I always have a generalized Idea, but so many unknowns seem to pop up along the way, and that's what makes life worth living.

I'll update you as I settle in and the learning curves continue to come. I'm excited to continue to immerse myself in the culture and serve my clients with a clear mind.

I am now booking Sexual Alchemy sessions, which will assist and guide you in living the life of your dreams. I recommend that first, and then follow up with 1:1 coaching sessions. For more information, book a 15 - minute discovery call, or purchase the Sexual Alchemy course.

I appreciate the continued support, and I love yawll, deeply.

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04 окт. 2022 г.

This is great we‘ll have to come visit you 🥰

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