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I recently had a human design reading and it gave so much insight into who I am and why I do the things I do. For those of you that aren't abreast on Human Design, I'll give the google explanation. "It's a logical system that brings together principles of the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics. It's calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your genetic design." I was shocked at the revelation.

I am a Generator with Emotional Authority. Generators represent about 70 percent of the population. We are the life force of the planet, the builders. We have a defined sacral center and an open and enveloping aura that is constantly pulling life toward us. Our strategy is to respond, as opposed to initiating. As a generator with Emotional Authority, I attract life and then respond to it and give my energy to what I love. Every decision I make is based on feelings. My G Center is defined, I have my own sense of direction. My defined Sacral center (sexual energy), naturally enables me to direct my sexual energy up the spine and outwardly into business. I also possess Gate 48, which is a love for the body. People that have Gate 48 are uniquely fascinated by the human body. I have collective circuitry, I need to be able to collect a variety of experiences and knowledge to share them with others. I also possess a tribal circuitry of needing to be touched. With these two combined I experience love by touching the community, touching a variety of people, and collecting multiple experiences that I then share with the world. (To better understand the gates and circuitry please research).

For this person to not know me from atom and read me so fucking well. All I could say was WOW. This spoke to my soul because I was led to Tantra in a very matter a fact way. The way that I perform my massage is different than any other tantric coach you will find. It's all based on connection and feeling for me. I have an innate ability to connect deeply with the body, many bodies. Now it makes sense why at an early age I channeled the enormous amount of sexual energy, and the need for multiple new experiences into having sex with a lot of people. My higher self, turned it into a business and now I’m able to cultivate new experiences doing what I love on a daily basis. I blog write, and then share those experiences with the collective. I was sent here to touch the community, literally and figuratively.

I thrive greatly off of community projects and bringing folks together for a common goal. My aura and light brings people to me effortlessly, and with this I thrive on creating groups, and spaces for those around me to be free. This was all written by the most high. I have a defined heart center, which means I have the ability and drive to create things and experiences that others may not have the heart to do. The Play Party, The Erotic Christmas Social, and the PussyTrauma Annual Meet & Greet are all manifestations of that strong energy to create community.

Last night I had the pleasure of hosting over 100 women for my Clothing Optional Pussy Trauma meet and greet. PussyTrauma is my facebook group of over 3,000 women, where we discuss a wide range of sexuality topics, as well as share in trauma experience. It was great to see everyone dressed up, or shall I say, dressed down and being totally free in their sexuality. I’m always humbled and genuinely shocked by how excited folks are to meet me in person. To know that Im touching the lives of others all across the globe is amazing to me. My hope for the future is that I can cultivate spaces that transcends the lower parts of ourselves. I’m slowly but surely moving away from the raunchy, risqué, sex scene and moving toward spaces that encourage higher levels of consciousness.

My healing journey (celibacy) has been quite the learning experience. Instead of chasing the next meaningless nut, I’ve decided to go within to really understand who I am and what I’ve come here to do. Its time for some NEXT LEVEL SHIT. It’s been so eye opening, as I raise my vibration my hope is to help the collective raise theirs as well.

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Davonte Sheard
May 03, 2022

This is very well worded, your open throat allows you to become the master of communicating concepts in a way that can be easily understood and digested by a variety of people You now have the greatest knowledge of self that you can obtain and you are using it to embody and spread the higher vibrational truth Thank you Thank You Thank You for sharing this, I felt your enormous energy pour through even in your words!!!!!

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