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Im Backkkkkk!!!

Hey freedom seekers!! I am happy to be back and introduce you all to the new version of me! As many of you know, I went into complete solitude and isolation in hopes of connecting with my higher self. I left many parts of me to allow space for new vibrant energy. I was burnt out and tired of my life and knew changes had to happen to break ceilings and get to my next level. I'm happy to say I've done just that. I've sat with myself in my soberness, celibacy, and solitude and felt the feelings. Now I am at a space and place where I know thyself, I am in love with thyself, and I will put nothing or no one over my love for thyself. Sexual Alchemy taught me how to surrender to divine knowledge, apply the teachings, and send the divine wisdom up the chakras penetrating each wheel with divine love and guidance. It's some next-level shit. I feel alive, with extraordinary vitality. The innate abundance radiates, and I'm attractive and magnetic!

I've had the great pleasure of doing nothing besides the things I want to do, and it's been amazing. I've been spending my time doing the things that bring my heart absolute joy—kayaking, floating, soaking under the hot summer sun—going on fun, unplanned adventures with my little, and stumbling across hidden gems in my backyard. You know, the things we neglect while seeking love from the external world.

I've shared many of my findings, revelations, and discoveries with my Facebook followers, which have been life-changing and therapeutic. While sharing my truths with a few like-minded individuals, I had a viral post, which brought many others who respect my wisdom and tune in to what I call my "freedom post." It helped me to discover my gift. I think we go through life always asking the question, "what is my purpose?" Well, your purpose is doing whatever you're doing right now. Each moment has a purpose. We are all divinely guided through the good and the bad to bring us back to self. But your gift is what you share with the world. Your gift is what comes very effortlessly and without doubt or question. My gift is telling and living in truth. I've always done it, telling my truths no matter how crazy they may make me look. It's something I don't have to think twice on. I thoroughly enjoy living and being in service to freedom and truth.

Returning to freedom and truth is quite simple when you take the time for self-reflection and discipline. If you are tired of the mundane routines, obligations, and structured lifestyle, it may be time for a change. I use a straightforward system called Sexual Alchemy, taught to me by my guru Davonte Sheard, to help you get out of misery and back into alignment. I've taken the time to do the work, which is now a lifestyle. I've discovered what brings me joy, and now I'm ready to use my gift to be of service to you.

Can you imagine waking up every day and living a stress-free life, only doing the things that bring you joy? Leaving behind all the parts of you that no longer serve you, ridding yourself of toxic addictions, sex, money, drugs, ext. Realigning with your truth and higher self?

I'm here to tell you that it's all possible. I look forward to sharing all the newness I have to offer, all the things I've been up to with myself and my daughter. The new version of me may be a bit much for some as not everyone is ready for TRUTH. However, for those who decide to stick around, I want to thank you for your dedication to my journey, and I appreciate you deeply.

Check out my new website. I have many services available. Click "Work one-on-one with me" tab to learn more about my services.

If you've reached out and I haven't responded, please know that it isn't personal. I love you & I thank you for loving me too.

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