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Miami's Learning Lesson

I would say Miami's complete FAILURE, but I don't talk like that. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong in Miami went wrong. However, I'm grateful for the opportunity and clarity to see where improvements can be made and how to move forward.

For those of you that don't know, I LOVE Miami. It's my favorite place to be because I thrive in the heat and enjoy cleansing my aura in tropical turquoise waters. Not to mention all the money that floats through the city. I have a defined heart center, so the material world does excite me. I had the bright idea of expanding my tantric massage business down to Miami in hopes of building clientele and one-day gaining residency. I shipped a new massage table and my supplies down to a friend's office. For those who read my Trapeze blog, I mentioned a Haitian man I met at the club. He drove me back to my hotel on South Beach that night, and we kept in touch. He was a fine gentleman. I reached out to him, asking if I could ship my things to his place, and he didn't hesitate on giving me a yes. All of my things arrived in Miami, and he sent me pictures, assuring me they were all safe and sound.

I am a master at using my imagination and visualizing whatever it is I want before I bring it to fruition. I planned to bring my one-year-old baby girl with me and send her to daycare so I could work out of my Airbnb during the day. I searched high and low for daycare, and I did interviews and virtual tours until I stumbled across the one I ultimately went with. The owner was sweet with great compassion and concern for children in general. After I had the two most important things set up (supplies & daycare), I booked my flight. Another friend of mine that I met here in St.Louis who does a lot of business down in Miami happened to be in the city when I arrived. He was so kind to take me 45 minutes down the highway to Fort Lauderdale, where my supplies were. He also took everything into the Airbnb for me. I have to note the POWER of building connections and USING your resources. So many of us feel as though we have to go at this life thing alone, but the reality is the Universe sends us key players that will effortlessly assist at different parts of our journeys if we use them correctly. So many miles away from home, and I didn't lift a finger trying to move this equipment, all while my one-year-old daughter was riding in the back seat (talk about determined).

I got everything set up and was ready to go to work the following day. I get baby girl ready for daycare. We arrive, and everything is just as I saw during the virtual tour. My spirit said yes, and I had my mentor light a candle spell that was designed to offer complete protection over her. I went back to the Airbnb and saw three clients; it was a great day. I was blessed that my idea literally came to pass and was optimistic for the rest of my days in the city. I went to pick my daughter up from daycare, and she leaped in my arms, crying hysterically. She had on a change of clothes, and no one could tell me why because the entire staff spoke SPANISH!!!! Where were the English-speaking owner and the English-speaking lady I saw that morning? I have no clue! What I did know at that moment was that my child was disgruntled and distressed. I felt an unwavering SAVE ME energy pouring from her. My spirit at that moment said, nope! She can't go back there. I got the owner on the phone to get some answers! She was able to tell me that she was present for part of the day, and Penelope wouldn't eat because she couldn't understand anyone, which was indeed causing the distress. She said her clothes were changed because, in the Latin community, they send their babies home from daycare clean and changed so the moms don't have to bother with baths and such in the evenings. She told me that my baby would be okay one minute and then cry and cry because she missed me so much. She said the entire staff took turns cradling, walking, and talking with her to no avail.

Say less.

Although she reassured me that my baby was well cared for, I still didn't feel comfortable sending her back there. It would have eaten my conscious up to know that my baby was in complete distress so that I could make some money. At that moment, it became clear that timing is everything, and right now was not the time to try and work in Miami with a one-year-old baby. Yes, I could have found another American daycare, but even then, it would take a while for her to get to know the people, and coming in and out of the city wouldn't be feasible. I canceled the clients I had booked for the remainder of my stay. It crushed me to do that. I think I cried for about an hour straight. Texting and talking to friends that could send me some good vibes and encouragement. I definitely saw my solid plan fall through right before my eyes, and that shit didn't feel good. The following day I put my baby's swimsuit on, and we spent the day soaking up the sun by the pool. Later, I took her for a stroll downtown Miami @ Brickell. It felt so good to know that she wasn't in distress and worrying if mommy was coming back or not. My spirit felt at ease, so I knew I had made the right decision.

I hired a nanny (always a great experience). They are attentive and well trained. They also speak ENGLISH. I have to note here the very clear bias that I felt against foreigners and Spanish-speaking people during my stay. Usually, we black folk feel oppressed and underprivileged, but I had to take a step back and recognize how privileged I am as a black woman living in English speaking America. I was literally looking at these women, like, how DARE you not know how to speak English caring for my child?! I felt the oppression and the downright racism they probably feel on a daily. It opened my eyes to my privilege and got me to look at things differently.

So I hired the nanny for a break because by my third day with a child 24/7, that shit is ghetto. I rented a storage unit for my things. I have no clue when I am back to Miami, but I sure as hell have no use for an extra massage table here. I pulled up to my storage unit (it was all booked online), and it was literally in the heart of the hood. I love my people, so hell, I still decided to go in just to see 3 homeless people lying in front of the lockers. At this point, I was alone. My friends were busy. I went to the office for someone to go in there with me, and it was closed, THE GHETTO... literally, lol. So I made the decision to go to a different storage space in a better neighborhood. She only had a high-top locker available which requires a ladder. My massage table had to weigh about 50 pounds, but I didn't have a choice. My flight left the next day. So I pulled up my panties, carried that damn massage table up the ladder, and threw it in that damn locker. Geesh louise. Talk about a journey. I got to spend the rest of the day at Haulover Beach, my favorite nude beach to date. I always meet very interesting people on the beach. I get to soak up the sun and cleanse my aura in the beautiful waters.

I returned to a happy baby playing with her nanny and watching Alecia Keys on Tiny Desk (that made my heart happy). I learned a couple of truly valuable lessons on this trip.

  1. If I desire to be treated like a Queen, I must move like a Queen. Peasants do peasant shit, and Queens do Queen shit.

  2. Stay under the radar, and you'll get more shit done that way.

  3. Timing is everything, and your timing IS NOT God's timing.

  4. When you eliminate desire, the stress effortlessly goes away.

  5. Being a mother comes FIRST, money will come and go, but these are the years my baby needs me MOST.

Follow the dream! It'll either be a blessing or a learning lesson. Expierences bring us great wisdom, and knowledge on how to move forward with life. Steve Harvey said, "If you can expierence first class you should do it, because it PLANTS A SEED. It conditions your mind into believing that flying first class is ALWAYS POSSIBLE. Then your mind starts THINKING of ways to get back to first class."

This trip I planted seeds, I saw that it is POSSIBLE. Now my only mission is to raise my baby up so she can walk and talk, and then I'll do it again. Mark my words.

Cheers, to the Journey baby.

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3 comentarios

Kewanaka Irving
21 may 2022

That’s a lesson… you planned things out impeccably I wouldn’t saw that one issue coming neither. Definitely not a failure but a regrouping of sorts. Proud of you mama for doing that damn thing. Shouting for your victory hunni cause you’re winning regardless. Appreciate the tips…it’s definitely a mindset baby and you got it.

Me gusta

Davonte Sheard
Davonte Sheard
20 may 2022

Your blogs are so interesting and well-worded You are an amazing writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me gusta
Nicole Powell
Nicole Powell
20 may 2022
Contestando a

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… my fabulous Mentor. I owe very special thanks to you my friend. ❤️✨🙏🏾

Me gusta
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