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Miami's Learning Lesson

I would say Miami's complete FAILURE, but I don't talk like that. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong in Miami went wrong. However, I'm grateful for the opportunity and clarity to see where improvements can be made and how to move forward.

For those of you that don't know, I LOVE Miami. It's my favorite place to be because I thrive in the heat and enjoy cleansing my aura in tropical turquoise waters. Not to mention all the money that floats through the city. I have a defined heart center, so the material world does excite me. I had the bright idea of expanding my tantric massage business down to Miami in hopes of building clientele and one-day gaining residency. I shipped a new massage table and my supplies down to a friend's office. For those who read my Trapeze blog, I mentioned a Haitian man I met at the club. He drove me back to my hotel on South Beach that night, and we kept in touch. He was a fine gentleman. I reached out to him, asking if I could ship my things to his place, and he didn't hesitate on giving me a yes. All of my things arrived in Miami, and he sent me pictures, assuring me they were all safe and sound.

I am a master at using my imagination and visualizing whatever it is I want before I bring it to fruition. I planned to bring my one-year-old baby girl with me and send her to daycare so I could work out of my Airbnb during the day. I searched high and low for daycare, and I did interviews and virtual tours until I stumbled across the one I ultimately went with. The owner was sweet with great compassion and concern for children in general. After I had the two most important things set up (supplies & daycare), I booked my flight. Another friend of mine that I met here in St.Louis who does a lot of business down in Miami happened to be in the city when I arrived. He was so kind to take me 45 minutes down the highway to Fort Lauderdale, where my supplies were. He also took everything into the Airbnb for me. I have to note the POWER of building connections and USING your resources. So many of us feel as though we have to go at this life thing alone, but the reality is the Universe sends us key players that will effortlessly assist at different parts of our journeys if we use them correctly. So many miles away from home, and I didn't lift a finger trying to move this equipment, all while my one-year-old daughter was riding in the back seat (talk about determined).