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Roe Vs. Wade

I took a 3-week hiatus from Facebook to gain clarity and peace of mind. As soon as I decided I’d get social again, I logged on to see the Supreme Court overturn Roe Vs. Wade.

I have had three abortions. Safe to say, I was using them as birth control. I was 19, 20, and 21. I was with a man who would often give me busted lips, spit on me, and belittle me; he even put me out on the side of the highway once. He was manipulative, and I was looking for love, so we made the perfect trauma bond duo. I used to say I had no clue why I would even continue to sleep with a man like that, but now I know it was the lack of love for myself. Not to mention he was ten years my senior.

As soon as he hit me, he would soothe it by buying me something expensive or taking me somewhere nice. If it weren’t for my mother, I would be the mom of an 11, 10, and 9-year-old. My mom saw what I was going through, but she knew I had a hard head. She always said a hard head makes a soft ass! So she let me go through the motions, and she came running every time I called crying. She talked me out of having every last one of those babies. Ultimately it was always my decision, but she was that angel voice I needed during the tumultuous times. I couldn’t even FATHOM having to co-parent with such a disturbed person. I am ever so grateful that abortion was available to me during those times.

It’s the lack of comprehensive sex education for me. I have always been against using birth control; it gave me terrible side effects: blood clots, cramps, and heavy bleeding. And no one gave me information on how my body works. I’m talking about tracking my period and ovulation. It’s not easy to conceive, you have to have semen in the vaginal canal during ovulation, and you only ovulate seven days a month. If we educated more young women on how their bodies worked, we would have fewer unwanted pregnancies. If more young women understood the value and sacredness of their womb space, they wouldn’t be so quick to give it up to Bob, Billy, and Joe.