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Our upbringing and society has taught us to suppress our deepest desires to take on the monotonous lifestyle of obligation, deadlines, expectations, and tiredness. This session will help you identify the conditioning and relinquish old patterns, allowing new and vibrant energy to speak to your soul.

2 - 5- 10 Sessions Available

Colorful Crystal

Sexual Alchemy $222

Sexual alchemy will teach you how to get out of the root chakra where all of the low vibrating desires live. Transmuting that energy up the spine for a life filled with more vitality, creativity, self-love, and alignment.

Nicole Premium-1.jpg
Fortune Telling Cards

Basic Human Design Reading $111

We were all given a blueprint on how to live a life of abundance before arriving here on earth. A human design reading will help you strategically maneuver through life based on your unique design. 

Stone Balancing

Total Freedom $300

If you're ready to reclaim your life, I recommend both sessions above. This is your opportunity to have full access to me and my wisdom. 

Book a 15-Minute Discovery Call to discuss the option that may be best suited for you. 

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