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House Hunting in the YUCATAN

Hello my freedom seekers! We have been thriving in the Yucatan for about a week and a half now, and it's been absolutely amazing. I wanted the tropical climate, I got that, I wanted a slow paced environment, I got that, and soon we will settle into a home that fits all of our needs and wants! I couldn't be happier. Prior to coming I hooked up with Barbara from Merida Moves, she is like a real-estate agent, but not. She is a local that created a business around showing expats homes in the Yucatan. Altogether I saw 12 homes over the course of two days. It was quite overwhelming but also informative.

I used the first day of house hunting to narrow down my needs and wants, so I could give Barbara a better grasp on the criteria. Thanks to my mentor, Davonte Sheard, he also gave me the advice to stick with high rises as I am a mountains person in human design. So that's exactly what I did. After giving Barbara the new criteria, which consisted of, high rise, balcony, two rooms so Penelope can have a play area and under $1000 a month. The second day of hunting we toured man houses until one finally stood out to me. Via Montejo is the name. How beautiful, when you drive up to the gate it looks like something right off of Miami Beach. Tall pillars, palm trees on either side, security guard in the middle waiting on your identification to open the gate. Two tall buildings adjacent to one another. We walk in, where you have a receptionist greet you. We go up the elevator, and get off on floor two. We walk to a corner unit, that had these beautiful big brown doors. We walk in and all I could think of was MIAMI!!! It was giving luxury with a vintage esthetic . If you've been to any of the apartments on Miami Beach, you will find the same design. It fit my needs so well, two bedroom, two and a half bath, balcony, walk in closet. Sheesh. The property has the most beautiful pool surrounded by palm trees, a gorgeous co-working space, and a well equipped playground. There was also a walkway to the nearest mall, maybe five minutes walking distance from my front door. This apartment would have indeed been 8,000 in Miami minimum. However, it's only $950 in Mexico, and that includes internet. A moms drealm, because after Penelopes nanny leaves at four, I am fully on duty to find entertainment for the little wonderer. This will give us ample amount of things to do and places to explore.

Penelope and I are still staying in an AIRBNB.. I had to send Barbara my passport, and visa so we can start the signing process. I am hoping to be fully moved in by November 1st. The place is almost fully furnished so I will only need to buy things like bedding, cups, pots, ext. I am trying to keep it as simple as possible, as I don't want to over buy things that may have to get left behind. We are signing a 12 month lease, so we will be around for that long for sure.

Other than that, we are adjusting quite well. I've found a new hot yoga spot, work out spot, nail shop, and wax bar. I did the most beautiful sound bath with a lady named Claudia from Spain. Her home looked like a fairy castle out of a movie. Beautiful glass windows surrounding me, the smell of copal, and the breeze from the fans hitting my cheeks. The sounds of the tebitan bowls penetrating each inch of my body. It felt amazing! I looked forward to meeting more like minded individuals during my time here.

Penelope has gone out to the learning pods with her nanny, and we seem to have a pretty decent routine down. I feel an overall sense of calm and peace, I'm sleeping great, feeling great. Waking up with so much energy! Putting time into my self-care routines, and sexual alchemy rituals. Down 20 pounds, and quite frankly, living my best life.

If you are interested in seeing me, and keeping in touch with what I have going on you can subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel here

I am also currently mentoring women on how to make this same transition. Letting go of all the parts of you that no longer serve you in order to live a life of joy, bliss and complete happiness.


I have 1:1 mentoring sessions available. Please message me with more questions.

I love all of you, and thank you for going on this journey with me!

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