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I'm Back!!!!

Oh wow, I can't believe I have finally got to a place where I feel comfortable enough to share my life with you all once again. I've been on a 6 or so month hiatus, healing, grounding, shedding, you know... all the things. I am so happy to be at a place now where I feel so amazing in my body, so in love with my life, and so ready to pour all of that juicy goodness into my community. My conversation is much different than it once was, and there is a chance it won't resonate with many of you, and that's okay. I respect everyone's journeys, and their triggers. So if what I have to say makes your ears burn, or you simply do not agree with the way I view life, please feel free to unsubscribe to my emails. You should see a little button down at the bottom of this page, no hard feelings!