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Christmas in Jamaica 🇯🇲!!!

Christmas in Jamaica 2021 was AHMAAZINGGGG!

Ever since I was a little girl home alone has been one of my favorite movies. I binge watch all three sequels the entire season like I’ve never seen them before. What I loved most about the McCalister’s is how they traveled for Christmas. I think it was appealing to me because I don’t have a large family and traditional Christmas’ was never a thing for me. My mama was a flight attendant and spent many Christmas’ in the air, so even before she passed I never had that sense of family. So I promised myself when I got my own family we would make new traditions, and those traditions consist of traveling for the holidays just like the McCalisters!

Traveling with a baby internationally is no easy task. But baby, I love challenges. 😁 If traveling for the holidays is what I want to do, I was determined to make it happen by any means necessary. We had 7 bags, a travel crib, stroller and bucket seat. Southwest gate agents were in the holiday spirit because they didn’t charge us extra for the bags. Once we checked everything, shit went smooth. The hard part is keeping the baby comfortable throughout the travel day. But hell, I’m 9 months in this shit we made it happen.

We hired a lady that works in the resorts daycare to nanny two full days of our vacation. I was able to go to hedonism II one of the days and boy was it worth it. My cousin and I met some pretty cool people, and had some experiences that were definitely firsts for me. I saw a 70 year old man fucking his sweet 25 year old bride from Indonesia or some shit (have no clue where she was from, I know it wasn’t the USA). Fucking at the pools, jacuzzis, beach, beach bar. It was MAGICAL 🪄 Its definitely a must everytime I’m in Jamaica. Cannot wait to come back on a girls trip, because baby it goes DOWN at hedonism. I suggest anyone that hasn’t been to try it atleast once. I had the time of my life in all of about 8 hours. Oh, and the rum 🍹 punches hit!

The second baby sitting day we did Excursions all day. ATV’s and Log Paddle boats. Both were my fav. Riding ATV’s through the back woods of Jamaica, seeing locals hang their clothes, and work on their houses, was indescribable. The log float was dope, Eric was our guide and he was amazing. I had my JBL speaker going, ganja in the air and Champagne in my glass. My feet were scrubbed by a soap made with limestone in the mountains. The spring water felt like gold on my feet. Everything was perfect. I bought a hand made crocheted purse from a lady on the side of the stream. $60 bucks and worth every penny. I’ll actually be gifting it to my babies caretaker back home because she deserves it.

Family time was great, Penelope loves the water. I have never seen a baby get so much water in their face and actually like it. She is a fan, and I’m not surprised since shes my child. Dinners were lovely, food was to die for, and drinks were amazing.

But you need adult time! Do not be afraid to use the nanny care services or day care services. Bubbles was my babies caretaker and she was amazing. Find someone that you trust, Moms! Use your intuition, and trust that the universe would not put your child in harms way. Remember, we don’t fear anything but fear itself. Everything little thing gonna be alright 😉 Dont worry about a ting. 😏

I want to encourage anyone that gets down around the holidays to do something different. You don’t have to sit at home doing the same ol’ shit folk been doing for 70 years. If that’s something you love to do, do it, but if you don’t, do something different.

Thankful for my partner who is always down for an adventure! I love ❤️ him! And now Penelope just ain’t got a choice. 😆

If you can’t go to Paris, go to Jamaica, can’t go to Jamaica, go to the Bahamas, Bahamas to expensive go to Miami! Moral of the story is do what you can until you can do what you want to do!

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