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Kicked out of massage school. 😤

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

I’ve started and stopped writing this blog three times. I guess for some reason I just cannot find the words to describe the way I’m feeling. So, this may sound like a ramble, but it’s because I’m hurt and venting. On Wednesday last week, Terry, one of the administrators at The Healing Arts Center located in St.Louis, Mo. called to tell me that I’d been terminated from the school because of “what I do outside for work.” She went on to say the work I do is illegal (it’s how she said it yawll, with such assurance), and that it went against the school's code of conduct. She asked me if I had anything to say as if at that moment I was supposed to plead and beg or lie to keep my spot as a student. Yea I got something to say, Ms. Terry, the work I do IS NOT ILLEGAL. You wouldn’t begin to understand the lives that I help, the sexual trauma that I heal. I help MANY connect with their bodies again, through sensual erotic touch. So I get what you’re saying, you think it’s prostitution and it goes against what you all are about. But I would like to let you know you’re wrong. And it’s YOUR loss. She went on to say, okay, and the call ended.

Quiet as it’s kept, Terry ain’t been touched in a decade. Don’t ask me how I know.

Many would say, well Nikki you already know rejection is redirection and I would agree. But if I didn’t sit in the pain of being rejected yet again, I’d be doing myself a disservice. I had plans for this license. Many of you know I LOVE Miami and it’s my goal and dream to be a resident really soon. The licensure would help open an authorized studio in south beach. I saw it, I've been visualizing it, and soon I would’ve made it my reality. Everything I do is strategic, so it hurts because my plan A didn’t work. It hurts because I was learning a lot! As mad as I am at this school and its policies I can’t deny that Tom Tessuere the owner and headmaster was a wealth of knowledge. I loved his teaching style, I loved learning the basics about what it is I do best. Every time I learned something new I would apply it to a client immediately. There is no denying that I’m already AMAZING at what I do, not to sound cocky, it is what it is. I just believe you can never stop learning, there’s always more to know. And I absolutely felt at home every time I was in class. So yea, it’s a loss and it hurts. I had to cancel my clients this weekend just so I could sit in my shit. It’s so easy to feel like it’s YOU when someone rejects you. I know that isn’t the case but that's how I felt this weekend. So now that I’ve had time to digress I feel like I can finally let this shit go and move on.

For you to better understand it is against your student license to perform massage naked or touch anywhere near or around the genitalia. Tantric massage is performed naked, and a yoni or lingam massage is also performed. My massages help those that are in sexless marriages, that haven’t had a sensual nurturing touch for over seven years. My massages help those that have totally blocked themselves from having sex due to traumatic experiences like rape, abortion, molestation, miscarriage ext. My massages help those that suffer from ED or premature ejaculation. My massages help individuals with porn addiction, or just slowing the fuck down and being present in the moment. I want to remind you all, Ms. Terry, Tom, and whoever else that doesn’t understand we are SEXUAL BEINGS. I don’t give a fuck what the law says. At the end of

the day, once all the laws and regulations are written, folks are still going to crave being connected with their sexual selves. Something society continues to deny us. Something society continues to demonize and ostracize.

I'm a rebel with a cause baby, and I believe so deeply in what I do they will have to lock me up and throw away the fucking key before I stop offering up this healing. This is life-changing stuff. My last client said verbatim, “THIS is the touch I’ve been craving, Nikki.“ Other providers will not do it as I do it. They will not have the intuitive abilities when it comes to your sexual blocks because it isn’t their gift. IT'S MY GIFT. And I believe as long as I continue to practice with good intentions the universe will keep me protected. I have no doubt in my mind the universe will lead me to BETTER educational support elsewhere that will totally support the work I do.

I'm grateful for my time at The Healing Arts Center. I’m grateful for what I’ve learned and what I’ve been able to apply. I still don’t know how they found my website or who was a HATER, but if you’re reading this please show it to Tom and whoever else gives a fuck. I cannot be stopped. The work I do is my passion, it’s my purpose, and I am THE BEST TANTRIC MASSEUSE IN THE WORLD. I say that confidently.

”To find your purpose you first have to come in alignment with who you are.” You gotta completely love and accept yourself by embracing your authenticity. Unlearn all the old beliefs rooted in fear and lack of self-love that make you feel you’re not whole. You’re worthy of everything just as you are, you just have to accept yourself first. When you realize your worth you start doing everything for the fulfillment, not validation. You naturally start aligning with your purpose by following your heart, you start doing whatever excites you. Your purpose is something beyond your ego, you can only live for purpose when you let spirit flow through you. Your purpose is all about serving others through your unique craft, and you can only serve others when you are selfless. Selflessness lets the universe work through you."

Trust me. Ask any one of my clients, I KNOW WHAT IT IS IM DOING HERE. 😆🤟🏾

I could go on and talk about how I hold a bachelors degree, and how I’m married to an amazing man with a little girl and own my own home, and all the other shit that is supposed to give you some credibility and validity in this society but that shit don’t make me. WHAT MAKES ME ARE THE LIVES I CHANGE. The people that I help, the trauma that I heal. Fuck whoever tries to stop me.

Come find out for yourself.

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Author Candylickherr
Jan 31, 2022

Love It...unapologetic about the ish you do and who you are! I can't wait for the next step in your journey. It's going to be AMAZZZZING!


Tanekia Smith
Jan 31, 2022

Beautifully written.. I can feel the passion for ur craft in ur blogging..

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