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Miami Vacation!!

Well, I have to thank this lousy ass pandemic for getting me to Miami. I came for the first time in 10 years in January this year when I was 7 months pregnant. I was also alone, my first trip farther than Missouri, alone. I enjoyed it so much I knew I had to bring my family back. Normally this time of year we opt into a trip overseas, the Caribbean or Mexico but with the pandemic and all of the restrictions it’s easier to stay in the states (For now anyway). So I decided to do our end of the summer trip in Miami. Baby, when I tell you i absolutely love this City. It’s one of my

favorites right next to Chicago. So diverse, amazing skyline, great Jamaican food 🥘, shopping is to die for, and the amount of luxury is just unmatched. So, here we are. We stayed at the Icon Brickell - Westin Miami on the 43rd floor and it’s absolutely gorgeous. View overlooking the entire city and 300 foot pool. Traveling with a baby isn’t all that easy, but we got it done. We were determined to spend some adult time alone, so we hired a nanny service for the first time. I downloaded a app called Sittercity and came across a young lady by the name of Jessica. She has a business here called Sobe Baby Sitting. We hired them for 4 hours during the day, and 4 hours in the late evening and it went smooth and well. They have background screenings on file, and are CPR certified. I never doubted that It wouldn’t go well, I simply told myself what if it goes right and we find an amazing nanny for when we spend time in Miami, and honey that’s exactly what happened. She took care of my babe, was on time and washed all bottles. My babe was sleep each time we came home, giving me and baby daddy some Mr. Nasty Time 🤪. Some family only had negative things to say about us leaving our baby with a “stranger.“ But the message in that is to take risk, live your life, and fuck who don’t like it. Rich folk ain’t on vacation sitting up rocking a baby 24/7, they pay people to do that. And as long as I’m able, I will too. I took my baby girl to the nude beach for the first time and it was such an amazing experience. It’s important to me to introduce my baby to the free life as soon as possible so this wicked world doesn’t brainwash and manipulate her soul. It was gorgeous and

the water was perfect. 👏🏽 I decided to get my first luxury spa 🧖🏾‍♀️ massage here at the W. $300 for a 80 min swedish massage. And boy was it worth it. She used hot stones, weighted eye cover and a heated weighted back cover and they were just fucking right (I will be adding some of these items soon). She had a soft and gentle touch, and truly gave me a premium experience. I’m a sucker for massage, and obviously a hard critique. And thats a perfect Segway into my next topic. I also have a premium service. I honestly don’t charge enough for the type of service I offer because I’m still learning daily and reside in a small town. My pricing is a reflection of my current expertise. Dont get it twisted, I’m cold blooded at what I do. I use little to no effort, and I’m self taught. It’s all passion for me. I put every bone of my body into every massage that I offer and my clients can feel that. With that being said my vision for my massage brand is bigger than St.Louis. I have gained an excellent clientele in my hometown, but eventually I see

myself taking my craft and deliciously slow paced erotic massage to a bigger city. One with warm climate year round and clients that are willing to pay a premium price for a premium massage. Grossing 10k a month in this business should be chump change for me. As long as I’m focusing on my ultimate purpose which is ignited the dormant sexual energy and providing healing energy to each and every person I come across. I basically said all that to say, Miami reminds me of my worth. In every way. I deserve luxury, and abundance and in order to continue to obtain that I will share my gifts and passions with the world and live in my truth unapollegetically. And when i have a price increase I don’t want to hear any shit. I think I’ll be stable for a while, but I know it’ll happen once I finish massage school. YES! I’m in massage school and will finish October next year. Just remember that premium services aren’t cheap, and you will get what you pay for.

And don’t worry, I’m not leaving soon! I’m giving myself a couple years. I think we will start off with a vacation home in a surrounding

city outside of Miami and AIRBNB it when we aren’t around. Eventually moving my family. I love a warm climate year round, and I get so excited here in Florida. I only follow my hearts desires and it seems to always lead me to my highest good.

I’ll be back in the studio Monday. See yawll soon. ♥️

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