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Clients battling Cancer receive 50% OFF ✨✨

A year ago today, my mother passed away from stage 4 lung cancer. My mama and I were CLOSE. Like, best friends. She was my world, my everything. I wanted so badly for her to stop doing the things that ultimately caused her cancer. Worrying, living in fear, excessive drinking, depression, anxiety ext. I personally believe cancer is the physical manifestation of all that stuff you don’t want to deal with. The last month of my mothers life, I was there with her every day. I had the great pleasure of witnessing and watching her death take place over the course of a months time. I saw her wither away slowly. I saw her brain slowly shut down. As hard as it was to watch, 3 months pregnant might I add, it was and still is so rewarding. Death is a lot like the birth process, to me. Something so familiar, so peculiar, so radical, so magical about death. I literally saw my mom become someone I had never seen before. No longer anxious, no longer worrying, no fear, no anxiety, total surrender.

Mom‘s lungs really hurt her most days and were also causing pain on the outside of her body. So I would sit there and massage her back, and the area right below her breast. I’d ask her if she wanted some peppermint oil, because it was cooling and helped mask the pain. She would say ummmhmmm (she lost her words by then). So I would put the peppermint oil on her, apply a heating pad, and rub her head until she fell asleep.

I did that shit alone, pregnant, in Atlanta away from my family. It unlocked the next level of my life. Feeding her, bathing her, praying with her, and ultimately holding her hand as she was already crossed over did something to me.It bossed me the fuck up. If you can help your mother die, baby, you can do ANYTHING. I’m sure in time, all of it will make sense.

In honor of mama, I want to give back to those currently battling cancer, any cancer. Touch is so important troughout your journey. It’s important that you too, are privileged to consensual, intentional, erotic touch. If something hurts, I want to help soothe it. If feeling sexy again is your desire, I got you. If feeling seen is the goal, you’ve come to the right place. I understand how hard a cancer diagnosis is not only for you, but your family too. It changes the trajectory of your life. You are walking into the unknown, which can be a very scary place if you lack the tools to see it differently. I’m here to share space with you, to do a dance with your body, to give impeccable bedside manor, and intuitively give your soul what it needs. You do not have to go/grow through this alone. Every day you wake up, you have another day to fight this shit. Ain’t no giving up, unless you’re tired… and at that time and ALL times let go and let spirit take over.

All of those battling cancer receive %50 Off any service over the price of $100. %20 Off any service over the price of $50.



D.Winslow - 11-24-56‘ / 10-15-20‘

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