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My Celibacy Journey - Tulum Holistika Retreat

Hello Freedom Seekers!!! I hope you all are well. I have been on my jet-setter journey, experiencing life and the world. I just came back from Tulum, Mexico. I dropped in to attend a tantra retreat, which was terrific. I wanted to share some of my most insightful takeaways with you all. If you've followed my journey, you will know I started my celibacy journey about six months ago. I hit a breaking point after years of low vibrational, disconnected sex. When I discovered tantra four years ago, I knew that the modality spoke to my soul, but I was unaware of how to use it correctly to transform my life into juiciness and pure love. When I gave up sex, my life started to change almost instantaneously. First, I would have much more energy. I noticed myself decluttering my home and effortlessly removing things that no longer served my spirit, from clothes and shoes to alcohol and old friendships. I would then eliminate porn, which was very hard to let go of; I'd been watching porn since I was seven. Porn taught me everything I knew about sex and would be my biggest downfall. For years I went on the hunt for the raunchiest, most gut-thrusting fuck one could offer. I would hit a threshold every year. Once the vanilla sex no longer aroused me, I added women and multiple men.

When that no longer did it for me, I would go on a promiscuous rampage, fucking fly-by night men during risky encounters to feed my addiction to the dopamine and adrenaline rush. All the while, I was draining myself of my life force energy, attaching myself to habits that kept me moving in low vibrations to feel something. I see this same routine with clients often. They're no longer attracted to their partners because they have desensitized their bodies with external bullshit. So they search for something more exciting and enticing that will give them those FEEL GOOD CHEMICALS. That may be someone on your news feed, in porn, or maybe even a hot Instagram model. Some even feel like they're no longer straight, "maybe I should try men," they say.

The issue with this is the ego is never satisfied. You can never get enough when you search for feelings outside of yourself. You'll always need more. Like any other addiction, a crackhead keeps searching because the highs are no longer felt in the body. They are ultimately getting to the point of total desensitization or, even worse, DEATH of the mind, body, and soul and spending countless hours in front of a screen pulling and vibrating their genitalia for just a 20-second release of FAKE FEELINGS. Do you see where I'm going here?

We all want to feel good but don't want to sit in the bad feelings long enough to heal the demons and dismiss the lower desires. Anytime you see someone walking around juicy and in bliss. Be aware they had to walk through the darkness to get there. It's not a fun place to be, all the childhood trauma, years of accumulated bodies in your aura, trauma from all the addictions. Releasing these negative feelings gets you to a point where you feel so alive, juicy, and magnetic. You will have no reason to search for love outside of yourself. You'll walk into a store where you once had to buy something just to feel good, to feeling like, "Wow! I don't need this, and I have no impulse to bye something I don't need." Because your love tank is already full.

We live in a world where these companies can make sales effortlessly off of an item because they are intentionally selling to people that need to FEEL something. They impulse buy, sit in the temporary FAKE FEEL GOOD EMOTIONS, and once that high comes down, they rinse and repeat. So many people live in cluttered homes with a bunch of STUFF—a reflection of their inner world, chaotic, messy, and in total dysfunction.

Sexual Alchemy teaches you how to sit with uncomfortable feelings. When the sexual energy (LIFE FORCE) starts to rise through the chakras, you will effortlessly have more strength and willpower to endure the emotions that come with sitting in your shit. Once you pass one test, the Universe awards you for your courage to keep going, ultimately sending the sexual energy up the spine through the crown chakra for total bliss, love, and enlightenment. It's good shit. Suddenly, you're walking around smiling, happy, speaking to people you usually would have never acknowledged, simply because you feel AMAZING. You are spending your time in places that bring you joy only. You're having full-body orgasms simply from breathwork and loving your body without external factors.

Sound too good to be true? I know. I said the same thing when it was introduced to me. What do you mean I'll get aroused without watching porn or thinking about my last fuck? What do you mean I won't overspend and effortlessly get rid of things I don't need? Oh, so I'll go days in solitude without a single ping from a man that looks enticing? I will not want to smoke weed anymore? Or go to strip clubs? I will stop chasing and start attracting?

The answer is YESSSSSSSS!!!!!

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Are you ready to say YES to life?

Imagine a life where you wake up every morning feeling like the energizer bunny you divinely are. Love tank already full, spending your days doing what brings you joy and eliminating the things that are bogging you down. This is the life you were designed to live, one of joy and happiness. No stress, no depression, no deadlines, no obligations, nothing but you and the love you have permeating throughout your body.

I feel it, I look it, I radiate it. Now I'm ready to share it with you.

RSVP for my first Sexual Alchemy Course, kicking off October 18th, 2022.

Now is your opportunity to have full access to my wisdom and start living a purposeful life of abundance.

I'll see you freedom seekers in the room.

Link to register:

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